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Terms & Conditions

Operators and Groups Terms & Conditions for use of the agency website
Any reference to in these terms represents the company Sylver Ltd that trades as

The price advertised
The price you supply to must include all advertised services including any supplements, fees & Taxes. If any extras are requested in addition to the advertised service then you are entitled to charge supplements accordingly, this will need to be entered when adding a holiday in the relevant sections.

The content of the package holiday
The description of the coach holiday should be as accurate as possible, including details about the destination, the hotel/ venue, the coach operator and what is included in the price. Pictures can be added to your holiday in the Operator/ Manage holidays section.

The resolution of accounts in many instances will be acting as an agent for coach operators/sole operators or private groups, any monies owed by to a Bonded Operator will usually take place within 14 days of booking, a Non-Bonded operator will get paid after the departure of the holiday (for example if your coach tour returns on 18th of July then you will receive payment from on the 31st of July).

An operator can be paid directly into their bank account by sylver ltd for sales, by filling in the bank account details in the operator/ edit profile section. If these are not entered then payment will be via cheque and will be net of commission or charges.

If you are a non bonded sole trader or group organiser the proportion of monies paid over to your self will include the cost of the coach hire (again net of commission), unless otherwise agreed for to pay this portion. will pay the full proportion of monies over to the venue/hotel allocated, again this will be at the end of the month after departure.

Terms and conditions of the operator
The terms & conditions for the holidays must be supplied via a website link or using our form page. The person booking a holiday will have access to these at all times during the booking process. If you require a standard list of terms and conditions can supply a copy, however both parties will be bound by these conditions and they must be adhered to.

The right of to refuse to list a holiday
If has received complaints or problems with operators/ groups or sole traders then reserves the right to refuse to list a holiday.

If you are a bonded operator or use a trust account then your holidays will be listed immediately after the information has been entered in the Operators/ Add holiday section. If there is a problem with the details you can amend them in the Operators/ Manage Holidays section or contact and we can amend them for you. The holidays once listed will be checked by to ensure no errors are present, if there are any discrepancies then sylver ltd reserves the right to withdraw any of the holidays listed by the operator. If you are a group/ sole trader or a coach owner driver and you don't have a trust account or use bonding to secure deposits. We can list your holiday for you on the website but each holiday needs to be checked to ensure it is true & valid. If there are any problems with the holiday then we will contact you via email or phone to confirm or amend details to satisfy our requirements. Examples when this may take place are invalid dates, inaccurate descriptions, and problems with pick-ups. We reserve the right to confirm the details with the hotel/ venue or Coach Company involved to ensure the booking is valid.

The right of to withdraw a holiday for sale
If a holiday is listed on the website and we have had problems on previous holidays with the operator or the venue or supplier, then reserves the right to cancel any holiday listed on the website. Normally a warning would be given before removal.

Cancellation of a holiday listed on website
The last thing that wants to happen is for a cancellation of a holiday/ tour. When a tour is listed it will be assumed that the holiday won't be cancelled and that everything advertised is valid.

The right of to refund all payments
If finds that a venue/ hotel or coach operator is no longer trading, has experienced problems that reduces its status, or a change of ownership then reserves the right to refund monies to any individuals that have booked on a holiday listed on the website. The right of to terminate membership of an operator or group Under erroneous situations reserves the right to terminate membership of the website and even block the access. A warning will be given before any action will be taken.

Payment terms from to the operator or group
Although settlement of holidays that have departed are settled at the end of the month (n.b. bonded operators will usually be paid within 7 days of booking), it must be stressed that all monies are held and covered by an ABTA bond and this can not be released before the agreed term.

Prices shown on Hotel or Venue information
The use of this website to promote Hotels or Venues serves for two purposes, a) to allow hotels/ venues that can take group bookings to be filtered from smaller establishments and b) to allow groups to look at and select a venue/ Hotel that may suit their requirements. can act as a broker in this process and as such we ask the venue/ hotel not to list any prices, however a link to their website is allowed.

The commission of a package coach holiday
If you list a bonded package holiday then the commission rate will start at 10% which you can alter. The higher the commission rate the higher the listing will be on our search pages. If you are a group/sole trader or owner driver then the commission will be 20% of what ever is left after the hotel/venue has been paid, again you can increase this for a higher listing on the search pages. All commission would attract VAT currently 20%.

Use of the website
These terms constitute the entire agreement and understanding between you as a representative of your company and Sylver Ltd (

Terms for the use of the subscription website for the management of coach holidays.
These terms below are in addition to the agency terms above and only apply to operators wanting to use the coach management software.

Information held
Information held by sylver ltd for an operator on the website, servers and on any other electronic equipment will be held securely and will not be shared with any third party, unless under the written authority of the operator. All information relating to an operator and stored by sylver ltd is the property of the operator and the operator will have exclusive access to this information.

Website updates
The website will be updated with new and more efficient services on a regular basis, a regular email will keep the operator upto date on any modifications. The operators data held by sylver ltd will be unaffected by any modifications.

Information back-up
A back-up of all information held by sylver ltd will be made each evening. This information will be held on a different, secure server with a different supplier and will be accessible by sylver ltd for back-up purposes only.

Agents bookings
Agents bookings made through the front end of the website will attract no charge by sylver ltd, and will be accepted as a third party booking. This booking will need to be dealt with by the operator as a normal agents booking directly with the agent, however the agent will receive an automated invoice and confirmation at time of booking, this will include the commission statement and a customer confirmation. The operator will get an automated email confirming the booking and the information about the booking will go straight into the relevant holiday, payments and agents commission details will go straight into the booking reports. The holiday availability will be updated to reflect the new sale. Only agents registered by the operator will be able to book in this way.

Agency sales through the agency website
Bookings made through sylver ltd agency website will attract commission at the agreed agency rate, and will be treated as an agency booking. If a cancellation is made to an agency booking made in this way then sylver ltd will refund the customer in full once any monies paid to the operator relating to this booking has been refunded to sylver ltd.

Charges for Sales
Any payments taken through an operators 'Book Now' facility on the operators website, will attract a charge by sylver ltd of 4% for a 160 monthly subscription or 5% for a 100 per month subscription. The charge for these sales are non refundable by sylver ltd, and any refunds due to a customer will be made by the operator directly to the customer and will be paid in full. Bookings made through the sagepay card processing facility will attract a 3% charge, information relating to a customers credit/debit card can not be stored by an operator. These charges include any credit/ debit card charges any server charges, payment gateway charges and maintenance of the firewall/ security of the website, and also the related costs for transferring the outstanding balances to the operator's bank account. Payment is usually made on the 7th of each month, bank transfer is the preferred method and a statement will be sent to indicate which bookings have been paid.

Requirements for acceptance
The coach operator will need to sign and date these coach management software terms and conditions before they can be accepted to use the software. A copy of bonding or trust account details will also need to be supplied, if these are not available then the operator will be treated as a non bonded/ non trust account operator and sylver ltd will have to retain any payments until a tour has commenced before releasing payments.

When a signed and dated copy of these terms and conditions have been received and a standing order form has been completed then the operator will receive 60 days subscription free access to the coach management software, all charges will still apply for sales. Once 60 days have expired then a standing order will need to be paid to sylver ltd on a monthly basis, and the operator will be entering into a 12 month contract with sylver ltd which can be terminated with 28 days notice from the contracts end date. All charges and commission will attract VAT currently 20%.

Use of the coach management software on this website
These terms constitute the entire agreement and understanding between you as a representative of your company and Sylver Ltd (T/A