Coach Booking Software


Why do you want to own software on your computer? To watch sky TV or gain access to the internet a subscription needs to be paid. Our software is just like this, a comprehensive program shared by many at a fraction of the cost. The coach booking and management software has been developed over many years and incorporates features as it has grown.

When clients come to us with a specification we build this on to the existing system. This allows to charge a much lower fee than your normal booking software as the majority of the system has already been built and also allows updates to be complete in a fraction of the time. These updates are incorporated at regular intervals and are available when the operator is next logged in.
Login as an Operator
Once your account is set you can use our software straight away. There is no heavy weight software consuming your computers resources, just fast immediate access.

Software Features

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Manage holidays
You can add or change any details about your holiday that updates your Book Now website instantly. This means other offices or any of your Travel agents will have up to date information about your prices, availability and holiday details. Other features include adding images or links (hotels/venues) to a holiday, tracking the user that has modified a holiday or pick-up point, the option to consolidate pick-ups close to departure, printing of a rooming list or FAX/email the list, managing a pick-up list and times, managing a seating plan including auto fill seats, printing travel tickets.
Customer database
You can import your current database straight into the website using a Microsoft excel csv file. This information can be used as the main database to keep all your records current and up to date on your customers. This information can be manipulated and printed, this includes viewing the number of times customers have booked and amounts spent, customers that have previously travelled, customers from various post code areas and the ability to add or edit customers details. Also you can manage the travel club membership, the day excursion customers and customers that travel via their own transport.
Manual Booking
A very powerful feature; when you select your holiday to manually book you enter the postcode of the customer to book, the address will autofill and a list of pick-up points closest to the customers postcode will be shown (with distance to pick-up point miles), you can then enter room details, any requests and seating preferences, offer alternative pick up points per customer add supplements and complete payment details. Deposits can also be handled with confirmation and outstanding balance forms printed out. The booking will auto fill your database and any details can be edited or printed at any time. Payments can be any of the following methods pdq(credit card machine), cash, cheque, credit note.
Data logging
At every level there is operator logging, so any modifications are stored and can be viewed at any time, this protects your users from any accusations and also shows which user has made any amendments.
Data Back-up
Although all data is stored on a private secure server, every evening all data is automatically backed up on another secure server at a different site. This will eliminate the need for disc back-ups every evening and the secure storage of sensitive material on site. If any problems occur on our server then the most data that could be lost is 24 hours, however after many years of heavy use our server has not failed once.
Booking Reports
You will have access to all your bookings, the details are provided in a list format with the most recent bookings first. This information can be filtered into bookings per day, month, year, destination and commission, the information is supplied with totals. Next to each booking is a linkable booking reference, a link to holiday information, basic tour information and three date boxes these are for logging the dates when a booking receipt has been sent, money has been taken and tickets have being sent. This allows other users to see when all the three vital operations have been completed and by who.
Operator Profile
The facility is there to setup an operator description, to add a logo, coach photo, any membership of organisations and terms and conditions.
Modify forms
The facility is there to add standardised text to the printed forms for the customer, these forms are the confirmation, outstanding balance, cancellation and the pick-up sheets.
Voucher codes
The facility is there to add various discount voucher codes to a holiday to sell the holiday at a discounted rate. This works very well when we advertise on a big discount voucher website and it also means that prices are not shown at a discounted rate.
Mulitiple Users
The operator can have as many users as they wish on their account at no extra charge, this allows multiple offices to work off the same office software at the same time. All modifications are traceable to each user.
Agents can book directly through the website front end, which gives live availability and this means they donít need to check with the operator. Confirmation is printable for the customer and an email is sent to the agent with the booking invoice. The booking information goes straight into the Operators holiday accounts and the data is automatically updated. An agents invoice can be generated at any time.
Seating plan
The facility is there to auto assign seating on a first book first seat basis or first come per pick-up in order of pick-ups. Also the ability is there to reserve seating or auto assign seats for preferences. Seats can also be reserved or manually filled. Any number of seats can be asigned to a coach and each coach can be given an individual seating plan.
Confirmations and luggage labels
Confirmations and luggage labels can be printed off for assigned seating plans. This information includes customers address, pick-up point and time.
'Book Now' facility
A Book Now Facility on your website would give an operator bookable holidays direct from their own website with payments taken through their own PayPal account or alternatively through our merchant handler with a 5% charge on sales or a 4% charge with a higher subscription. You can see how this works by looking at the website for the tours that operates located at
Google map pick-up points
Add your own pickup points to our database or choose from our existing selections of thousands of popular pickup points across the country.
Operators blog page
Use the operators blog page to leave important notes, messages and ensure all staff are communicating
Profit loss reports
Generate on-the-fly reports displaying your profit and loss figures for specific holidays, tours or date periods
Insurance and supplements
Create and allocate custom insurance and supplements to your different holidays, easily add to customer bookings
Online sales including deposit
Accept online payments directly from customers or through the operator area over the telephone
Multiple coach seating plans
Control and create powerful seating plans with auto assignment, pickup listings and combination functionality
Text & email marketing
The optional facility is now there to directly market your customers via email or text, this also includes targeting people who have booked a destination, a certain time of year or are booked on an existing tour. This optional facility with attract a supplement which would give the operator a monthly allowance of Texts and emails which can be topped up.
Hotel login for rooming lists
Hotel staff can login to the website to view upto date rooming list and occupant information